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Lisa Lie’ work Blue Motell, is a crossover between a shamanic initiation and an European educational journey. Together with invited artists through her platform PONR (Pony of no Return) – Lisa Lie attracts powerful dreamers from all kind of worlds and dimensions. Char- acters from cartoons and fair¬ytales, ancient unearthed philosophers, serial killers and suicide victims meet in Blue Motell. The performance examines escapism as a positive strategy and as a col¬lective movement. Lie’s style is a choreographic and musical approach to composition.

The narrative is a landscape and the stage is transformed into a site where everything is crucial and vital at all times, where only the abstract and the irrational are taken seriously. In this space you have to flee or give yourself over to the flow of the enhanced energy exchange in the fragile relationship between audience and performers. The composition can be considered as a tem- porary sculpture or a body, where the audience becomes part of its cycle.

A PONR production

Concept and direction: Lisa Lie 

Text: Lisa Lie / PONR 

Scenography and costumes: Maja Nilsen 

Light design: Steffen Telstad 

Sound: Mikael Gullikstad/Anders Schille 

Producer: Randi Martine Brockmann / Aurora Kvamsdal

Co-creators and performers: Ivar Furre Aam, Kenneth Homstad, Helga Kristine Edvindsen, Lisa Lie 

Outside-eye: Kate Pendry 

Dramaturge: Elin Amundsen Grinaker

Stage techincians: Erik Chan/Ragnar Sletten

Photos taken by: Vigdis Haugtrø and Grete Zahl Kvakland


Link to the play / Trøndelag Teater

Link to the play / Black Box Teater

Link to trailer / Spætt Media

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