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Director: Erlend Samnøen

Actor: Morten Espeland

Composer: Gaute Storsve

Light: Ingeborg Staxrud Olerud

Scenography and costumes: Maja Nilsen

Dramatization: Oda Radoor

Photo: Inge Schreuder-Lindløv

Melancholia II is based on the book by Jon Fosse this performance is a triple portrait, attempting to embody the story and rhythm of a novel into a physical expression

The story is about shame, dignity, love and death. Fosse is telling the story of Oline from a close first-person perspective, about how she experiences pain and shame, in a way that makes us feel Olines pain. It also works as a triple portrait, by portraying Oline, her artist brother and at the same time the writer himself, through the materiality, rythm and breath of the text.

The performance Melancholia II is an attempt to embody the story and rythm of a novel into a choreographed physical expression. The actor looks at the writer, who looks at Oline, who looks at her brother. It explores the tension between contemporary dance and the actor's imagination.

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