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Stjernstein - no vestige of a beginning, no prospect of an end (2016)

A commission for Eiganes Elementary School in Stavanger. A collaboration with Magma Geopark and NGU in Trondheim. A big thank goes to Gurli Meyer at NGU and Pål Tjømøe at Magma Geopark.

Stjernstein - no vestige of a beginning, no prospect of an end is inspired by the incomprehensible timeframe existing in the geological creation processes. I have been interested in the Scottish geologist James Hutton’s (1726-1797) concept called Deep time. "There is no Vestige of a beginning - no prospect of an end", wrote Hutton after his discovery that through millions of years, mountain ranges and continents have changed in endless slow movements. Hutton is often referred to as the father of modern geology, and with his groundbreaking theories and discoveries, he completely changed the contemporary worldview.

In Rogaland, the county where the Eiganes Elementary School is situated, you find the 900 million years old moon landscape composed by very hard-modeled rocks called anorthosite. The anorthosite is more common on the Moon than on the surface of Earth. The unique lunar landscape has given the area's status as one of UNESCO Global Geopark Network. Magma Geopark is an area of 2329 km² based on the largest layered intrusion and anorthosite area found in Europe.

My collage is showing many different microscopic images of rocks that are specific to the Rogaland area. I have photographed 0.1-1 millimeter of anorthosite, jotunite, norite, metapelite and various types of gneiss through a polarized light microscope.

The light box is 8, 49 m high and 9 cm deep.

Photos: Christopher Jonassen  for KORO

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