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A commission for Hokksund Ungdomsskole, Hokksund.

Paper, steel needles, glass, wood and diodes. 4,9m x 90 cm.


The project is based on my fascination with science and in this case entomology. Entomology (from Greek: it is divided into pieces /segmented) is the science that studies insects. An entomologist collects and categorize for instance beetles, butterflies and wasps. For this project I've been working like a entomologist, but with collage as technique and paper scraps as my "insects". Since I am working with the collage technique I am always searching for great old books and I am looking for interesting elements to give new life and become part of my collage constellations. Most of the books I dissect are old books about science, often school books and lexicons that inform us about natural phenomena, theories, explorers and earth development.

In this work the metamorphosis of the insects has been central for me. The term refers to a transformation, a radical physical change as individuals undergo during its lifetime. Metamorphosis also refers to students' age and the school as an institution and incubator, which can provide work multiple levels of interpretation and understanding. The work plays with the four stages of the insect's life cycle, the so-called complete metamorphosis, egg, larva, pupae and adult.

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