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Director: Erlend Samnøen

Actor: Morten Espeland

Sound: Nils Jakob Langvik and Gaute Storsve

Text: Erik Fauske

Light: Tilo Hahn and Evelina Dembacke

Scenography and costumes: Maja Nilsen

Producer: Ida Wilassen

The play will have its premiere the 6th of January at Nordvang ungdomshus på Vats (Ål).

Then the play will visit:

9th of January: Krossvoll samfunnshus (Ullensvang)

10th of January: Trudvang ungdomshus (Granvin)

11th of January: framsyning Ulvik ungdomshus (Ulvik)

13th of January: Jonsvoll ungdomshus (Jondal)

 15th of January: Gimle or Hordaland Teater (Bergen)

 17-18th of January: Ungdomshallen (Stord)

 26-28th of January: Nynorskens hus (Oslo)


Photos: Marte Vold and Maja Nilsen

Poster: Maja Nilsen

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